3 ways to show some love during National Employee Appreciation Day

As a small-business owner, you probably have your own way of managing your specific group of employees. Some may respond to strict guidelines, while others need a bit of a light touch to get the best out of them. Whatever your management style, it's unlikely that acting the overbearing boss all the time will lead you to much success.

Instead, why not take a second on March 6 to celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day and show your employees that they're worth more to you than dollar signs. In fact, small-business owners who make sure their workers are satisfied with their work experience may even benefit from a boost in productivity. If you need help making this National Employee Appreciation Day one your company will remember, check out these three tips for recognizing and rewarding good work.

Not every employee responds to recognition in the same way.Not every employee responds to recognition in the same way.

1. Save the backhanded compliments
Small-business owners are always looking for ways to make their offices more efficient, and this means you probably have a thing or two that each of your employees can improve on. While it can be tempting to wrap these criticisms in the guise of constructive feedback, Inc. magazine explained that National Employee Appreciation Day should focus exclusively on the positive.

When you start adding critiques onto the end of your compliments, you run the risk of having your employees focus only on the negative aspect of your comment. Instead of undercutting your positivity, only include the good in your comments or feedback to employees. This will keep them from wondering if you're really recognizing their accomplishments or if you're just checking a box on the employee appreciation to-do list.

"If your workers think you're just paying them lip service, you might actually upset them instead."

2. Tie rewards to performance
One of the key aspects of any successful National Employee Appreciation Day is authenticity. If your workers think you're just paying them lip service, you might actually upset them instead. Fortunately, Manufacturing.net explained that an easy way to avoid this common pitfall is to tie rewards to exceptional performances among your team.

For example, you could engrave an Epic Crystal Clock from Myron with an employee's name and accomplishment so he or she can show off the trophy at work or at home. Rewarding employees for exemplary performance not only makes the recipients happy, but it may even push others to work more efficiently, too.

3. Embrace the momentum
If you're serious about National Employee Appreciation Day and think a few small gestures here or there can help boost employee engagement and productivity, then why limit yourself to one day throughout the entire year?

In fact, small businesses that embrace a culture of employee appreciation turn this one-day event into a philosophy. You can even measure your level of recognition by trying to compliment each employee a certain number of times every month.

Who knows – with kind words and promotional products to woo your employees, you may just turn your small business into a well-oiled machine after all.

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