4 ways to make employees and customers love National Thank You Month

If you’re one the millions who make New Year’s resolutions, your intentions are probably to start the next 12 months on the right foot. Maybe you’re going to give that diet another shot or you finally took the plunge and signed up for the dance class you’ve been too nervous to take. Whatever the reason, January is an important month for you as a person – but it just might be more important for your business.

January is National Thank You Month, and while this may seem silly, it’s important to make sure that your employees and customers know that you not only care about them, but that you’re not afraid to show it. You might be the nicest small-business owner in the country, but even then it’s not a bad idea to hand out some personalized products as a gesture of your appreciation. If you think your brand could use a bit of a public relations boost, take advantage of these four tips for National Thank You Month.

1. Be specific with employees
After all the holiday festivities, your employees are liable to be a bit burnt out on all the talk of goodwill. However, you want to start your office off on the right foot in the new year, which is why Inc. magazine explained that you should be as specific as possible when it comes to complimenting your staff.

You should have a general idea of how your employees work together, and by picking out and emphasizing their strengths as critical assets to the team’s performance, you reinforce the aspects of your employees that already make them great workers. Whether you choose to give out personalized business gifts or hand-written notes, be sure that they convey a message that’s in-line with the employee’s strengths.

2. Make your workers’ lives easier
Some business owners think that any promotional giveaway is enough to convey a sense of appreciation and gratitude to employees, but the truth of the matter is that your staff is probably looking for something for functional. That’s why Entrepreneur magazine urged all employee appreciation gifts to have some utility in your staff members’ daily lives.

Personalized products like Myron’s Tresenda Courier Zippered Leather Portfolio are great if your employees go on a lot of sales calls or meet with clients frequently. The all-inclusive design is one less thing for your workers to worry about when taking notes on the go, and the professional look only enhances your brand in the eyes of everyone who sees it.

3. Spoil one customer
Keeping your employees happy is one thing, but customer appreciation is a different beast entirely. Quickbooks explained that showering gifts and thanks on one customer might be the most cost-effective way to show thankfulness for all of your clients.

The source recommended taking one of your most loyal customers on a lavish and highly-publicized day of leisure or excitement – whichever makes more sense for your brand. Don’t forget to thank your other patrons, but sending one on an all-expense weekend spa trip can show the the rest that you’re not afraid to spend big on your customers.

4. Target the complainers
Even if you run the most conscientious small business in the world, there are still going to a be some customers who don’t like your service or products. While it can be easy to tune these voices out for the rest of the year, you should take a chance during National Thank You Month to send these serial grumps a sign of your goodwill going forward.

In fact, Entrepreneur explained that turning unhappy customers over to your side is a great proactive stance on retention. Most dissatisfied patrons won’t take the time to email or call you with their complaints – they’ll simply never come back again. That’s why you should send some customer promotional products their way to be proactive.

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