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How to throw the perfect end-of-the-year holiday party

How to throw the perfect end-of-the-year holiday party

Your employees work as hard as they can for you all year long, so when the end of the year rolls around, it’s important that you show them you appreciate their efforts. This is why many companies throw end-of-the-year parties to give their employees a chance to blow off some steam and bond with each other like no other time in the office.

However it can be easy to make a mistake and throw a party that feels token and without real appreciation. Make sure you not only choose the right venue for your soiree, but plan to give your employees gifts that make them feel like their work has been noticed and worthwhile. A good end-of-the-year party can draw your employees together and recharge their batteries so they come back next year ready to get to work.

In office or off site?
One of the first questions you should answer for your holiday party is where it’ll actually take place. Depending on the culture of your company, you might need to look at some different options.

If your employees are mostly young and like to go out when they’re not at work, a holiday party that takes place at the office may not be the most exciting event. If this sounds like your kind of company, you should look into renting out a private space at at local hotel, bar or other social space.

This doesn’t mean that parties that take place in the office have to be lame. Whether it’s a surprise or something that everyone contributes to, recommended decorating your office to make it look more festive – hang streamers, bring in a Christmas tree and deck the halls. Transform your office space in a place for holiday cheer and your employees will come back to work next year re-energized.

Games and contests?
Inter-employee competition is always a double-edged sword when commissions and other incentives means real money is changing hands, but end-of-the-year parties give businesses the ability to foster low-stakes competition between their employees.

Maybe you want to hold an ugly Christmas sweater competition or a tree decorating contest with custom promotional products on the line. See who can mix the best egg nog-based cocktail if you want to serve alcohol, or hold a gingerbread man baking showdown. It’s all about the bragging rights and rewards when you’re competing against colleagues, and unique promotional items like Myron’s Premium Bluetooth Aluminum Speaker are both affordable and sought after. Customize the speaker with your company logo and your employees will be thinking about this end-of-the-year party for months to come.

You should also take advantage of this special time of the year to thank your employees for all their hard work over the past 12 months, and there’s no better way to show your appreciation than with a personalized gift for each and every one of them. Customize traditional gifts like Myron’s Amalfi Jewelry & Watch Box with each employee’s stellar sales figures or get creative with initialed Carl Mertens Hampton Bar Sets.

Your employees aren’t expecting you to spend millions of dollars on end-of-the-year parties, but you still want to show them that you’re not afraid to spend a few bucks to tell them they’re worth it. Throw them a night of fun with their coworkers and give them a promotional gift as a memento of their year at your company – odds are they’ll be ready to work in the new year.

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