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Stay on track next year: Why promotional calendars make great gifts

Stay on track next year: Why promotional calendars make great gifts

Whether you’re trying to find gifts for your employees around the holidays or your business needs a boost through a promotional giveaway, it can be tough to settle on that one item that will please everybody. As a marketer, you want to make your brand as visible as possible, but you don’t want to throw your name on a useless piece of junk that consumers are likely to ditch in the next trash can they see.

Though smartphones and tablets have grown more popular in the personal organization field in recent years, there might be no better gift for employees or customers around the holidays than a customized calendar. Not only can you choose from a wide variety of styles and formats to please even the most finicky employee, but customers who put them up in their homes see a year-round ad for your business whenever they glance at it.

Don’t be a wallflower
Sure, there are some people who run out to a convenience store the night before Christmas morning and buy a bunch of wall calendars for everyone on their list they forgot, but a little forethought and planning can turn a regular wall calendar into a customizable piece of art.

Small Business Trends explained that wall calendars customized with vintage art or paintings of natural landscapes are a great way to promote your company unobtrusively. Myron’s 2015 Journey Through America Custom Wall Calendar is packed with some of the best natural vistas across the U.S. Each month, your employees and customers get a new, beautiful scene to look at, along with your subtle yet noticeable brand.

A gift that gives back
Not all calendars need to be pretty baubles that you hang on the wall. Sometimes, your more business-like clients would rather prefer a more functional gift, and leather-bound desk planners could be just the thing they need to keep their days in order.

More suited to customers your business has fostered a long-term or overtly professional relationship with, Myron’s Barcelona Desk Master® Planning Calendar is a handsome 128-page organizer that can be customized with your clients’ initials or your company’s logo. With this professional-looking giveaway, you project an image of organization and long-term planning to your customers.

For the modern business world
Your clients and employees aren’t just sitting around all day, though, and you need to offer them the right giveaways and promotional items that match their lifestyles. While wall calendars and desk planners may suit some of your customers’ and workers’ needs, pocket-sized organizers are the perfect gift for people used to being on the move.

Most people have a smartphone or tablet nowadays, but there will always be something more personal and genuine about marking down a schedule or an important task. Myron’s Windsor Wave Duo Pocket Pal® Calendar is only slightly bigger than a desk of cards, but it combines both a calendar and notepad into one small package that your employees can take with them on sales calls or customers can bring from home to work and even on vacation. You can imprint your brand on the front cover so no matter where your clients are, they’ll be interacting with your company.

In the modern digital world, it can be a surprise to receive something as “old-fashioned” as a calendar. However, customizing each gift to your employees and customers is the finishing touch that can elevate a so-so giveaway that doesn’t promote your brand into a must-have event that drives awareness of your business and converts prospective customers into actual sales.

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