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3 ways to boost sales on rainy days

3 ways to boost sales on rainy days

It’s no secret that rainy days hurt sales in retail. When the weather is inclement, shoppers would rather stay home than don their rain gear and venture out to the store. However, there are ways you can entice customers into braving the rain. Here are three strategies for boosting your sales when the sky is gray and gloomy.

1. Create a welcoming atmosphere
There’s no incentive for consumers to come to your business in the rain if they’re going to have to carry around a dripping umbrella and shiver in the air conditioning. However, you can bring potential customers into the store by creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. The Houston Chronicle recommended turning up the temperature so people will be comfortable without their coats. Put a coat rack near the door and have an umbrella stand ready to go. If you have a microwave or coffee machine, invest in some tea and hot chocolate to offer customers. Let your social media followers know that you’ve turned your store into the perfect place to escape the weather.

2. Offer promotional products
There are a number of promotional items that are perfect to hand out on rainy days. Tell your customers that you’ll be handing out free umbrellas or ponchos with every purchase when the weather is inclement. People love a good deal, so it’s sure to drive traffic. The Promo Umbrella is a great choice, as it comes in a variety of patterns and colors. As an added bonus, it’s extremely affordable and easy to customize with your company name and logo. Another option is the Promotional Rain Slicker in a Bag. These handy garments are perfect for your customers to bring along to sporting events and come with compact carry bags.

3. Have rainy day specials
Any type of sale, discount or special can help get people in the door on slow business days. You can offer a traditional discount, or get more creative about your special. One option during the holiday season is to offer free gift wrapping when customers make a purchase. The Houston Chronicle mentioned that you can have special “rainy day” products that you only sell when the weather is bad. An exclusive offer will peak customers’ interest and help to boost your traffic.

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