Build company awareness with branded merchandise

A small business that is out of sight will end up out of a customer’s mind. When developing a marketing strategy, it’s important to keep your brand name in front of your target market. There are a lot of different ways to accomplish this – whether it’s with billboards, radio spots, bumper stickers or sponsorships. However, these outlets can be expensive and many consumers tune them out after a few sightings. If you want to build brand awareness for your small business, consider a new medium for advertising: people!

Cyclone Small Business Strategy explained that giving away branded merchandise will raise awareness of your company. People love freebies, so give them something that will help to spread your brand. Individuals who go out wearing a shirt with your logo on it or carrying a reusable shopping bag from your store will attract the attention of other potential customers. Then the next time they see your advertisement, they’ll recognize the name. It’s a small step, but keeping your name in consumers’ minds will increase your business.

Designing merchandise
You’ll want to make sure that your merchandise is neat and reflective of your business. Forbes explained that all your marketing materials should include the same logo and similar text. Your logo should be an identifying aspect of your business and should be displayed prominently on social media, print advertisements and all merchandise. This is what people will associate with your company, so make sure it’s appealing and memorable.

Product options
There are a few different merchandise options that you can use for “walking advertisement.” The obvious choice is T-shirts. These products have a large area for you to display your message and are prominent for other individuals. However, you can also choose branded Budget Saver Nonwoven Caps, Classic Boat Tote Bags, Bubble Promotional Umbrellas or Custom Lanyards with Key Rings. Once you’ve created the design you want on your products and established a budget, you’ll be able to pick which product will work well for you.

Free giveaways
Finally, you’ll need to choose an event or promotion to give away your merchandise at. This can be a community festival, a game you sponsor or just an in-store event. If a number of people are wearing your brand name at a crowded event, patrons are bound to notice. Decide whether you’ll give merchandise away for free or if it will be a with-purchase promotion.

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