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Creative custom products to spice up office life

Creative custom products to spice up office life

Office supplies are a necessity for any well-functioning business. Whether you’re employed in the restaurant or automotive industry, every company benefits from high-quality, useful products that can contribute to the efficiency of the brand.

While pens, notepads and paper clips are essential for your business’ daily operations, there are certain unique products that may benefit your employees. These gifts are ideal for organizations looking to provide their workers with fun yet beneficial items that make their brands stand out amongst the rest.

If you’re searching for some promotional products to give to your office workers, consider picking an item from one of the following categories:

Electronics galore
Everyone enjoys electronics, whether they’re receiving a fancy new case for their smartphone or a high-tech stylus for their tablet. Some electronics may cost a little more than others, but for the most part, these universal items are well-loved by recipients of all kinds. As you’re sifting through the various promotional electronics and accessories, stick with those that will provide assistance to people who conduct business in the office on a daily basis.

One item that may be beneficial for this crowd – especially among companies that employ millennials – is the Promo One Touch Silicone Stand. This sleek item can hold a smartphone in place, allowing employees the opportunity to keep their phones in one set spot during the workday. The product is helpful for those who listen to music on their phones, as it keeps the item easily accessible.

Another useful item for employees is the The Ebony Portfolio for Tablets. If your workers conduct a lot of business on their mobile tablets, this product can keep their device protected throughout their journeys. Additionally, for workers who bring their tablets to client visits, the case provides a perfect platform on which your company can display its brand to the world.

Items to be inherited
While these items are beneficial for office workers, there is a small group of people who may be more entertained by their use – children. Not all employees have children, but providing your works with colorful and fun items may be best for those who anticipate bringing products home – or bringing kids to the office.

One versatile product is the High 5 Custom Highlighter, which features four different highlighter colors arranged to look like a happy little man. Office workers can keep the guy at their desks to be used whenever highlighting needs arise, or they can give the product to their children, who may enjoy adding it to their toy collection. Another fun item for both staff members and their kids could be the Wobbly Stress Reliever, a squishy item that can be squeezed during times of high stress or given to visiting children to keep them entertained.

Decorative digs for the walls
While your workers will be looking to cover their desks in supplies and products that will help them complete their daily tasks, they’ll appreciate products that serve mere aesthetic purposes. Decorative items – such as photo frames, trinkets or mugs – can go a long way, especially in a crowded office shared with many other individuals.

For employees who have wall space, the Dual Magnetic Photo Frame with Stand is a perfect option. This ornament can host workers’ favorite pictures or items that can be secured to its surface. Employees who may prefer a frame to hold a favorite photo, such as one of their family or pets, would benefit from the Personalized 5″ x 7″ Aluminum Photo Frame.

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