Ensuring telecommuters are productive at home

More businesses across the U.S. are implementing telecommuting programs into their operations, allowing employees to complete work from the comfort of their own homes as opposed to a company’s physical site. Experts have found that while the practice is not effective for all brands or individuals, those who adopt successful telecommuting programs often report higher levels of employee satisfaction, productivity and retention rates.

If your business is considering adopting this type of flexible working environment, consider the following ways your company can ensure staff members are as productive as possible.

Offer tips to encourage productivity
While some workers may be thrilled at the prospect of working from home, others may not know the best practices concerning completing tasks in their own space. If employees are not careful, they may quickly be swept up in the comforts of home, rendering them incapable of completing business at the level to which they are accustomed.

There are several tips that managers may want to give to their workers, many of which may lead to greater productivity when working from home:

  • Craft a work space: You don’t need an office or well-equipped room to conduct business, but having a set place in the home that one can mentally designate as a “work space” may lead to improved productivity.
  • Keep lines of communication open: Whether you’re sitting on Google Chat all day or remaining close to your email, it’s imperative that employees who are off-site are easily accessible to managers who are in the office. That way, bosses can not only quickly reach a worker if a problem arises, but they can measure output as needed.
  • Get to know your style: Working from home is radically different than working in the office for some people. For others, however, the two are the exact same. It’s important to allow employees to keep track of their own personal abilities, noting which conditions are most conducive to production.

Provide products to make work easier
If your brand is considering a remote working program, it’s essential to provide your employees with promotional products that may make their work easier. Workers who will be conducting a great deal of work on their own personal laptops may benefit from a tech accessory that will make navigation on this device easier. The Custom Square Mouse Pad┬áis a perfect choice, as it allows workers a tangible product that can be used to simplify their digital working methods.

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