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Unique gifts for the wine aficionado

Unique gifts for the wine aficionado

Executives recognize the importance of distributing high-end gifts to clients, partners and sponsors who are an integral part of their business’ operations. As they’re planning the perfect products to send to these elegant receivers, they must spend a great deal of time juggling options and picking those of the highest quality.

Aside from treating these important people to golf retreats or spa packages, some business owners may opt for giving them a more refined promotional product with which they can relax at the end of a long day. There are a variety of barware and wine accessories perfect for this crowd, as each individual option provides a unique and unconventional gift idea for the wine lover.

Barware for the passionate pourer
A well-stocked home bar is ideal for treating guests to a distinguished drink during a fancy occasion. However, not many people have the right materials that may be conducive to this kind of drink mixing. If you’re looking to either provide clients, donors or partners with these types of tools, or looking for an elite gift option to give them a higher-quality product, consider barware made from stainless steel that has been imprinted with the individual’s initials. One great option is the Carl Mertens Hampton Bar Set, which comes with a shaker and two jiggers. Another product that’s sure to impress your elite clientele who enjoy the occasional cocktail is the Personalized Retro Cocktail Set. This all-in-one option comes with all the necessary tools needed for shaking the perfect drink, including a jigger, shaker, knife, tongs and opener. Both items can be outfitted with three separate letter initials.

Luxury options for the vino vixen
If you’re targeting a crowd that would prefer wine-related gifts, there are many promotional products that offer similar high-end quality yet customized benefits to this particular demographic. Unlike those who are looking to equip their home bars with necessary tools for crafting fancy drinks, wine lovers require items that can be used specifically for this beverage.

While options like wine stoppers and openers are great for any wine lover, consider giving clients or donors a luxury promotional product they can keep forever. For the white wine aficionado, opt for the Carl Mertens Hampton Wine Cooler, which features stainless steel walls that will keep the beverage cool in a variety of temperatures. Alternatively, if your recipient may prefer a more unique option, consider the Abruzzo Wine Pourer. This product securely holds any bottle of wine and provides an effortless, spill-free pouring experience.

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