Optimizing mobile strategies for small businesses

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the realm of small business – from providing easier ways for consumers to connect to their favorite brands to allowing brick-and-mortar stores faster and more efficient ways to protect their data. As technological corporations continue to unveil new advances and mobile devices, people find new ways to implement these devices in their everyday lives.

According to a recent study from ComScore, smartphones and tablets account for 60 percent of all digital media time – a 10 percent rise from 2013. Specifically, the source noted that social networking has driven this recent interest in mobile devices, as consumers have found accessing their profiles on smartphones and tablets to be easier than reaching desktop or laptop computers.

Looking for ways to revamp your mobile strategy? Consider the following while you’re optimizing your business for these devices.

All about the apps
According to a 2011 report from analytics firm Distimo, 91 percent of the top brands in the world have apps available for consumers to download. While small businesses may not have the funding or technological capabilities to develop complex apps, there are several options for those who want to create their own for their individual consumer bases. Small business owners could either enlist the assistance of a freelance graphic designer or they could utilize sites that have app templates from which they can work. Companies do not have to develop apps that serve a variety of functions – they can create one that merely sends coupons to users or allows them to view products currently offered by the business.

One corporation that found unique use for its apps, for example, is Sherwin-Williams. The paint retailer created an app – ColorSnap – that allows consumers to pull up their cameras while they’re on the go and digitally store certain shades they encounter on their journey. The app then allows the user to examine which colors from Sherwin-Williams are similar to their selected shade, showing them how much money it would cost and where they can find the nearest store.

Digital promotions increasingly popular
Unlike desktop or laptop computers, smartphones and tablets can be easily transported from location to location. Because of this, more companies have started sending coupons over digital forums, allowing consumers to bring these mobile coupons into the store. Instead of scanning tangible pieces of paper, the stores can access bar or QR codes to give the visitor a discount.

Implementing this type of strategy can save companies significant amounts of cash, as the business no longer has to rely upon purchasing advertising space in printed publications, like newspapers or magazines. Additionally, this practice can reduce the amount of paper waste from a company, as it eliminates the overall amount of paper brought into the store. Companies have several ways they can distribute these digital coupons, including sending them through an app, emailing them to consumers or promoting them on social networks.

Promotional products to supplement mobile use
As more companies and employees find ways to further implement mobile devices in their practices, there are a variety of promotional products that can help enhance their overall experience. If executives are searching for items to help their workers become more efficient in the workplace, they should search for items that will make navigating these devices much easier, such as the Mobile Stylus Pen.

If companies are looking for products to distribute as part of a promotional giveaway, they should consider those that consumer will most benefit from. A Promotional Phone Case/Holder is an ideal option, as it can not only provide protection for consumers’ prized possessions, but also allow customers to become mobile brand ambassadors, showing off your company’s logo anywhere they go.

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