Custom products for summer parties

As your planning this summer’s hit parties, consider the endless possibilities to incorporate custom promotional products into the celebrations for party favors. These will be gifts that attendees can hold on to forever as a reminder of the fun times you shared. Three classic summer party types are family reunions, graduation parties and neighborhood or block gatherings.

Family reunion
Summer is the perfect time to organize a family reunion because kids are off from school and the weather is nice to be traveling. It may be a good idea to plan the party for a weekend so people won’t have an issue taking time off from work to attend. A large party such as this is usually easier to host if it’s potluck style. Think about assigning each separate family unit a type of food to bring, be it dessert, snacks or part of the main dish. If the family is large, people can also bring paper products and plastic utensils. This will take a lot of pressure away from the hosts because there will be less shopping and preparation to deal with. It’s possible some of the family members haven’t seen each other in a long time, so it’s key to have plenty of space for people to spread out and catch up. Gather enough chairs for outdoor seating but be sure to have an alternate plan in case of poor weather.

To get everyone in the spirit of summer, consider handing out personalized coolers, like the 6-pack cooler lunch bag from Koozie. You can also order flying disks or beach balls for the family to throw around at the party.

Graduation celebration
Whether a member of the family recently graduated from high school, college or junior high, it’s an excellent accomplishment to dedicate a party to. Graduation parties often combine groups of people from multiple areas of an individual’s life so there should be several activities to chose from. This is because people typically invite family and classmates, creating a mix of adults and younger individuals who have likely never met. While that may be an inevitable factor, there is much more to a graduation celebration than the crowd.

Guests will enjoy favors like totes, especially the tri tone personalized tote bag.

Block party
Neighbors may not see each other beyond getting the mail, putting the kids on the bus, or in passing at the grocery store. While there are typically some tight-knit neighborly families, an annual block party is the time for everyone to mingle. Perhaps a new family has moved in since last summer and has yet to meet very many people in the area, making this an integral event in their lives as residents of the block.

Because it involves such a large group, this should be a party where mostly everyone contributes in some way. It’s a celebration of community, so it only makes sense for the event itself to be community-driven. Some families may bring games to keep kids occupied and others can be responsible for various types of food. It could be fun to encourage everyone to bring their dogs for a group puppy playtime. There can also be tournaments of games including outdoor sports, board games and card games to bring the whole gang together.

Since this is a less personal celebration than the previous parties, more traditional promotional products might fit the crowd better. For example, consider personalized stadium cups with the street or development name printed on them. People may also like custom sports bottles that represent their neighborhood.

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