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The summer is heating up and hopefully business is as well. Clients and customers are spending more time outside so it’s the right time to promote the company through outdoor products. Patrons will find themselves reaching for their favorite new summer gadget and immediately thinking of the brand that’s printed right across it. The selection of summer-appropriated items is expansive and there are multiple products to fit every industry. Here are some examples of how these freebies and prizes can be used in sectors that focus on education, real estate and banking.

As the school year winds down, consider giving faculty and staff gifts of appreciation before they close up the classroom for the summer. Though Teacher Appreciation Week was months ago, it’s always nice to remind educators that they are important. Because most of these people have the summer months off, they will enjoy summer-themed custom promotional products. It’s also nice for teachers to have items that represent the school they work for. Look into lunch bags or coolers that staff could use on summer adventures whether they are going on vacation or just taking a day trip to the beach. Another great product for the introduction to summer is a sport bottle. This is a gift that teachers can bring back to school and use in the fall after a well-hydrated summer. Look into custom exercise mats for the faculty and staff because they will have more time to hit the gym without classes, lesson plans or grading to tend to.

Real estate
This summer should be a seller’s market, according to real estate expert Michael Corbett. People who were looking to buy a house over the winter probably held off due to the frigid temperatures so now is their time to act. According to Corbett, 60 percent of homes bought and sold in 2014 will see action between May and August. Because the busy season has already begun, it’s imperative to stock up on custom promotional products for prospective buyers so they remember the real estate company that first introduced them to their new home. Some items that would be great for soon-to-be homeowners are collapsible can coolers to keep their drinks cold as they enjoy their front porch or back patio, a promotional rain slicker in a bag in case moving day brings summer showers, or a napa waiter’s key corkscrew to open their first bottle of champagne. It may be nice to offer a special gift when a buyer closes the sale, like a grill set for their upcoming summer cookouts. For an additional opportunity to spread the brand with promotional products, set up a raffle jar in the office and choose winners at the end of the summer to receive a custom stadium blanket or a sweatshirt promotional blanket.

Banks and financial institutions
Appeal to clients and customers with promotional products that bring all kinds of summer fun. Look into flying disks, beach balls, and paddle ball beach sets. Not only will they have finances in tip-top shape but also hours of entertainment courtesy of their neighborhood bank. There is a variety of promotional sunscreen options so customers know their health is important to the business. Similar to the real estate industry, financial institutions can garner extra attention with a raffle jar in the bank that anyone may enter. Offer prizes like the promotional coffee bean bag or another sport bag to the winners so they are prepared for outdoor adventures like biking and hiking.

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