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Attract customers by their sweet tooth

Attract customers by their sweet tooths

The candy store was one of the most magical places as a child. Rows of brightly colored sweets and chocolate treats that could be purchased with a few dollars of allowance money or as a reward from a proud parent lined the walls for what seemed like miles. Growing up doesn’t mean that love for candy has to go away or subside. Remind customers of candy’s merits during June, National Candy Month, with custom promotional products.

Customer loyalty promotions
There are a few ways to integrate confectionery items into a business for the sweet month of June. Consider ordering a gift like the Acrylic Gift Cylinder Filled with Gum Balls with the company logo on it for the most loyal customers. Determine those individuals based on how frequently they do business, how long they have been clients or how much money they spend. Receiving a Gummy Bear Pillow Bag or Swedish Fish Pillow Bag would be a delicious surprise for the people who support the company. Don’t forget to add the brand to the bag so the customers remember who the token of appreciation came from.

Reward new customers
Use National Candy Month to distribute gifts to new clients or people who reach a certain price point with a purchase or contract. An excellent product for this purpose is butter toffee, either in a Thank You Tin or Classic Tin. Hand out the 10 packs of English butter toffee with the company’s name, logo or slogan printed on top for a present that stays in the client’s mind.

Candy-themed contests
A classic contest for businesses to hold often uses candy, so this is the perfect month to give it a try. Fill a clear jar or container with candy and put it on display for clients. Ask people to guess how many pieces of candy are held in the container and give the winners personalized business gifts. Personally knowing the quantity is imperative to the competition, so either count ahead of time and write the number down in a safe spot or wait until the end to determine. To make life easier, consider using candy that is bagged by quantity.

If more candy-related holidays sound appealing, the National Confectioners Association noted that June 11th is National Cotton Candy Day and June 16th is Fudge Day, so feel free to expand on the topic in a unique way.

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