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Give Mom a meaningful personalized gift this May 11

Mother’s Day is an idea that has been around since the 17th century, designed to honor and celebrate mothers and all that they represent. According to, it is currently celebrated in over 40 countries worldwide. Mother’s Day was declared an official holiday in the United States by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914, when it was determined that the second Sunday in May would be the day to appreciate and spoil moms.

It’s a time to reminisce on charming moments from childhood and laugh about the times she handed out grounding sentences for missed curfews. A lot of time has passed since the days of paint hand prints on homemade cards and macaroni jewelry, but there are plenty of age-appropriate gifts for Mom this year. Don’t hesitate to ask Dad or siblings for advice, or even buy a joint gift for Mother’s Day 2014.

Practical gift ideas
If Mom isn’t a fan of flowers because they are dead and gone within a week or prefers gardening tools to jewelry, a utilitarian present may be best this Mother’s Day. Working moms may love a personalized work bag or briefcase or a coffee mug for the office. Just imagine her showing her unique gifts to her coworkers on Monday! For moms who enjoy socializing over a glass of wine, perhaps an Abruzzo wine pourer is fitting, which can be personalized with her initials. Another useful present would be a Tavira brown lined journal with a personalized, premium pen. A thoughtful and touching gift for Mom is a framed family picture, or just the family dog if he’s her favorite child.

Take her on a trip
It’s always difficult for a mom to part with her children as they age and establish their own lives and families. Often, they miss the days when the kids were just down the hall or watching television in the living room. Based on this assumption, a weekend getaway with Mom would probably delight her. The first step is to evaluate logistics for the trip and establish a reasonable budget. Consider the mode of transportation, length of stay and lodging. Depending on the area, it might be less expensive to stay in a bed and breakfast as opposed to a hotel. Consider buying her a Cardona leather jewelry roll so she can keep her valuables protected and organized on the trip and pairing it with a portable compact mirror. Another great travel-related gift option is a Victoria Bonded Leather Luggage Tag which is available in kiwi green, lavender or orchid pink depending on what Mom’s style is. For something larger, pick out a travel bag for Mom to tote on the upcoming trip.

Elegant and sophisticated
Some moms have an affinity for the finer things in life, such as jewelry, rich mahogany and leather. Perhaps a Serina bracelet in any of the six color options would look lovely on her wrist. Though Mother’s day is a spring holiday, a cashmere scarf or sheepskin gloves are perfect for next winter. Moms are notorious for having purses full of everyday essentials like hand sanitizer, tissues and minty gum. Surprise her with a Tortosa leather bag, available in red or black. If everything suggested in this article is entirely too much to process, take a look at gift collections. Choices range from stationary sets to luxury pens.

Regardless of what presents Mom receives on Mother’s Day, she should be praised. Making a card like the olden days or just a loving, extra-long hug will probably make her day.

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