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Each day offers the chance to work towards personal and professional goals but Reach as High as You Can Day, April 14th, is a great reminder to plan and evaluate achievable goals.

Embrace Reach As High As You Can Day

Each day offers the chance to work toward personal and professional goals. With Reach as High As You Can Day, April 14, just behind us it’s a great time to plan or evaluate achievable goals.

Setting and succeeding
When reaching for the stars, a clearly defined objective pinpoints the specific ball of light to shoot for. Determine what can be attained and outline the steps that will bring results. Setting smaller goals and assigning due dates for them can make the ultimate dream seem less daunting, according to Lifehack Expert Scott Christ, a writer and entrepreneur. One way to keep track of the self-determined timeline is with a pocket calendar that easily slips in a purse or briefcase. A customized notepad is another option, specifically for charting weekly progress with certain tasks. Taking little steps forward is much more effective than waiting for the next big moment of progress to come along.

Part of moving toward a goal is acknowledging the potential for setbacks. Brainstorm how the strategy could be thrown off and the best way to react. Having a plan B in mind can also reduce stress related to possible dilemmas. Try telling someone about the goal. This is a tactic some people find helps them stay accountable to their plan of action. Another way to solidify the concept is to write it down.

Remez Sasson, founder of Success Consciousness, and Scott Christ both discuss the importance of visualization in achieving goals. Sasson quotes Social Scientist Frank Niles, who describes how visualization makes a difference in brain function. New neural pathways, which are collections of brain cells that control memories and learned behavior, result from visualization. Based on Niles’ assertions, the mental process prepares the body to take action.

“Visualize yourself reaching your goals, including the process and work it will take to get there. Try to feel what it will be like once you reach those big accomplishments. This will form a lasting picture in your mind,” Sasson suggests.

Establish a foundation of confidence
Confidence is important when working toward a dream because external praise can only motivate a person so far. Believing in oneself and the ability to succeed are ultimately interconnected. This is because there may come a time when others aren’t there for support and motivation. Ryan Clements, a expert with a background in law, marketing, entrepreneurship and career planning, has several tips for improving self-confidence.

First, don’t discount the importance of appearance. Regardless if a person strives to look trendy, comfortable or anywhere between, a certain degree of grooming can provide a boost of confidence during social and professional interactions. It’s best to stand or sit with straight posture and a raised chin. Remember the value of a smile, even when alone. Smile at people around and maybe they’ll smile back, creating a chain reaction of positivity.

Accomplishing or assisting with a task for another person can help put goals into perspective as well. Focusing so directly on personal achievement can become overwhelming but reaching out to others is a great way to redirect productive energy.

Crossing tasks off a to-do list, no matter how small, can propel self-confidence and motivate in the direction of loftier goals. It can be helpful for someone to make a list of what they like about themselves or what they are grateful for. This is another way to add perspective to the task of establishing and strengthening self-confidence. Each person has flaws, but everyone also has redeeming qualities. It’s important to identify and embrace them to increase confidence and maintain a clear head.

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