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Pansies, puddles and promotional products

Pansies, puddles and promotional products

Spring has finally arrived and people around the country could not be happier. With the warmer temperatures comes the perfect opportunity for companies to distribute spring promotional products. Giving colorful, fun items to consumers is a great way for businesses to promote their brands while reveling in the excitement of the season.

This season offers the perfect time for people to participate in some of their favorite activities that winter prevented. Companies can help people plan the ideal spring day by providing them with promotional products best suited to their needs.

Packing the perfect picnic
Whether they’re bringing the family along for lunch in the park or packing a romantic dinner for two, consumers love picnics. While wicker baskets and tote bags are good for carrying food products, coolers and thermal lunch boxes are ideal. For example, the Icy Bright Cooler Tote Bag can not only carry several food items, but its thermal interior provides optimal temperatures for keeping them cool throughout the day. After lunch, consumers can participate in some of their favorite spring games, such as Frisbee or soccer, while using the Icy Bright 24-Pack Cooler Bag to store their favorite beverages.

Companies looking to market toward the more active crowd can also consider distributing sports bottles, ideal for transporting water on-the-go or sipping from them during rigorous sports. Picnic-goers can keep their bottles in their coolers while they eat lunch, then participate in physical activities while keeping their water handy.

Professionals prefer putting
Golfing is the preferred pastime for a number of business professionals, whether an executive has arranged for a company outing to the green or employees visit the course to release a little steam. Promotional golf products are ideal for this crowd, especially since these items are sturdy, long-lasting and likely to be seen by a variety of individuals outside of the consumer’s circle.

Distributing golf balls that feature a company’s logo, such as the Titleist Pro V1 Custom Golf Balls, is an ideal choice for businesses looking for far-reaching products. Golfers frequently lose or switch these items on the golf course, meaning the turnover rate for this product is extremely high. Companies looking to distribute products that feature a much larger logo could look into handing out golf towels, which can prominently display a brand to a range of visitors to the course. Umbrellas are another great option for golfers, providing shade from the sun and protection from the rain.

Painting the patio
Spring is the best time of year to get a jump start on cleaning and home renovations. Whether consumers are looking for decorative items or tools to aid with their construction plans, there is a range of products companies can provide. For the builder, custom tape measures or promotional tool kits are wonderful options. These items are not only of great use to people who are working on home improvements, but they also last much longer than other promotional products. By prominently displaying the company’s brand on these items, businesses can ensure greater exposure for their offerings.

While these products are great for people currently building or cleaning, there are several others best suited for those who are designing their new space. Journals, portfolios and notepads are great options for people planning their renovations, as are accompanying pens, pencils and markers. For those who prefer digital renderings, companies can consider handing out touch-screen styluses with logos. These styluses are not only perfect for people who use their mobile devices to draw plans, but they are useful for applications that go far beyond artistic creations.

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