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Promotional products for spring

Promotional products to prepare for spring

With spring right around the corner, it’s only natural to get excited about the warm weather that awaits. Businesses that want to get a jump start embracing the season can capitalize on all that anticipation with some promotional products for enjoying the great outdoors.

Of course, spring is known for its turbulent weather, with sunny skies one minute and heavy rain showers the next. All the better in terms of picking promo items, as there is a wealth of options for businesses that want to give something both helpful and seasonal to customers. Here are just a few of the many items that can help people embrace the season:

Picnic blanket
Spring is the perfect season for picnics. Temperatures are perfectly mild and insects haven’t quite reached the fever pitch of summer. Best of all, an outdoor meal comes with a show in the form of blooming foliage. A custom fleece nylon picnic blanket is a handy, portable and space-efficient ground cover, especially useful if the grass is still wet from an April shower.

Tote bag
Picnickers are going to need a bag to carry all of their food, dining ware and blanket. Promotional totes are useful complement for any picnic. As the season wears on and summer approaches, vacationers will start making their way to the beach. Totes are just as handy for lugging around blankets, sand toys and any other seaside necessities.

Cooler bag
No matter where people choose to make their weekend outdoor getaway, it’s always nice to have a cool beverage on a warm day. Totes are great for most supplies, but in the realm of drinks, it just won’t do. Promotional coolers will keep everything from sodas to waters iced and ready for consumption. Best of all, they come in any size people might need, from single-drink carriers to heavy-duty 12-pack coolers.

Rain gear is all but essential in the spring. Yet, it seems that people are always getting caught in showers without the right equipment. Companies can provide a helpful service to pedestrians who would otherwise get drenched. Promotional umbrellas are practically a personal billboard in rainstorms, as walkers parade around a brand’s name over their heads as they make their way through bad weather. Colorful umbrellas may provide a ray of sunshine during cloudy weather.

Rain slicker
Umbrellas are great to have on hand, but another worthwhile piece of rain gear is the promotional rain slicker. Also easily portable, these emergency jackets are great to keep in the trunk of a car or tucked away at the office in case of a sudden downpour. Some rain slickers are also incredibly compact and can fit into a small pouch for easy portability. Businesses should keep in mind, though, that this kind of product is best delivered early in the season or particularly rainy regions.

Water bottle
Now is the time for more active pursuits, from bike rides to mountain hikes. As such, it’s important that adventurers stay hydrated throughout their travels. Water bottles are a necessity with any kind of prolonged physical excursion.

Yet, the value of the water bottle isn’t limited just to mountain bikers and trail blazers. Many people try to keep hydrated throughout their day, and its not uncommon to see business people making their way to work with a water bottle in hand or filling up at the cooler. Chances are, this promotional product is going to get plenty of use.

Golf accessories
Lovers of golf have been known to play through any weather, no matter rain, shine, sleet or snow. However, it’s likely that golf courses are going to see an uptick in visitors come the spring season. While plenty of sports fans are going to be enjoying the outdoors as well, none seem to lend themselves so well to promotional marketing as easily. Tees, balls, coolers, umbrellas and other golfing gear are all available as promo items.

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