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Valuing simplicity over engagement

Valuing simplicity over engagement

Video and content marketing are among the frequently cited trends to help businesses boost their sales. Tied in with the idea of these marketing tactics is the principle of online engagement via social media, whether it be through regular Instagram posts, the announcement of promotional giveaways and contests or simply keeping in touch with the customer base.

While the digital world can be a great place to interact and stay relevant in consumers’ minds, a recent Forbes article suggested that the supposed value of engagement is being outflanked by customers’ desire for simplicity. The argument goes that clients often put too much effort trying to engage customers by foisting too much information on them. This supposedly undermines buyers’ confidence and makes them second-guess their commitment to a brand.

Patrick Spenner, the article’s contributor and managing director at Marketing & Communications Practice, claimed to have surveyed thousands of customers and hundreds of marketing executives, only to reach the conclusion that customers should be made to think less. Marketers, he argued, should help consumers learn to trust the information they receive, learn about products without distraction and consider their options with confidence.

While this approach doesn’t necessarily preclude client engagement, it can serve as an alternative or, at the very least, a better foundation for more complex marketing strategies. Marketers may interact with customers, but they may want to establish a solid foundation with them first.

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