Excellent promotional products for the automotive industry

Winter is an especially important time for drivers to make sure their cars are equipped with all of the necessary essentials to handle a snow emergency. For businesses, it’s also a great time for automotive promotional products. Once the snow melts and the temperatures subside, customers will still have useful year-round emergency kits, as well as a reminder of the company that gave it to them.

First, businesses should become familiar with the kinds of items drivers need in their emergency car kits. Then they can start tailoring their promotional items to fit customers’ needs, as well as their wants.

The essentials
Every car should come equipped with essential supplies in case there is an emergency. Some of the most essential items include first-aid kits, flash lights, food and water, in case a car breaks down in a remote area where help is not nearby. Jumper cables are also integral to a good emergency kit. According to MSN Auto, dead batteries are one of the main reasons why drivers get stuck on the side of the road. Basic tools to help you change tires and perform other maintenance tasks are also key. MSN Auto further recommended tow ropes, as well as a lighter.

Other important items not listed by the news source include tire pressure gauges and flares, the latter of which can be helpful when trying to hail down other vehicles or warn them of one’s situation.

Come snowy weather, the list of essentials expands somewhat. The last thing drivers want is to have their car spin out or get stuck in a snow drift. Yet, it still happens, and drivers should make sure they are prepared. The Washington Department of Transportation recommended that winter travelers carry an ice scraper or a snow brush, as well as warm clothes, such as boots, gloves and coats. The clothes are especially important should drivers be forced to change a tire in the cold or walk to the closest gas station.

It’s also a good idea to carry rock salt, kitty litter or mats, which can help give traction to tires spinning on snow or ice.

A perfect gift
For companies in the automotive industry, there is no shortage of good promotional giveaways to be had. Items that focus on these needs will not only aid drivers, but they also serve as free promotions whenever drivers find themselves stuck in a jam.

One of the most basic gifts organizations can give are promotional flashlights. Whether having to root around the trunk for their emergency kit or inspecting their tire pressure in the middle of the night, a flashlight is a useful and inexpensive tool that will probably get a lot of use.

Tire pressure gauges are another helpful item that drivers don’t always think to buy, but can definitely come in handy. Some can be as cheap as a gauge on a keychain, while others, such as 3-in-1 digital tire gauges offer accurate readings, as well as a flashlight and L.E.D. light.

Companies looking to offer a more valuable prize at trade shows or promotional events, may want to offer full emergency roadside kits, complete with tools and jumper cables. They can even tailor their own to include a host of promotional items.

Just for fun
Not all automotive promotional products need be utilitarian. Other promotional items like sun shades, car wash kits, key chains and car trunk organizers can keep a car clean and comfortable. Of course, businesses can also opt for more generic promotional items, such as pens and calendars. They may not get as much use on the road, but they still get the job done.

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