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Secret Santa business gifts form bonds among employees

Secret Santa business gifts form bonds among employees

The holidays have long served as a source of inspiration for business owners looking for a chance to increase camaraderie among their staff members. One of the most common company Christmas traditions is a Secret Santa present exchange. By coordinating this kind of event, organizations give employees the chance to swap business gifts, bonding all the while.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, hosting a holiday event is crucial to bringing staff members together. This is especially the case for companies that have a significant number of employees working from remote locations. A present swap is the perfect opportunity for businesses to unite personnel under one roof, allowing them to mix, mingle and form connections. Over time, regular events can help transform office culture and encourage a more cohesive staff.

That said, company representatives participating in office-wide Secret Santa events may not know what to do when it comes to picking out corporate gifts for their colleagues, particularly those who work outside the office. The Harvard Crimson recommended that employees cater to a coworker’s sweet tooth, bestowing unto them some delicious holiday treats. By purchasing seasonal chocolates or other goodies, staff members can give someone a high-quality gift and still come in under budget.

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