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College radio station uses promotional items for month-long event

College radio station uses promotional items for month-long event

Promotional items aren’t just effective advertisements for small businesses as they can also help other organizations like college radio stations. The Shorthorn reports that UTA Radio, the official station at the University of Texas at Arlington, will distribute small gifts to generate interest in its Rocktober campaign.

The event will run through the end of October and features local bands who are trying to make waves in the music industry. The news source explains that the radio station operates a booth on campus with promotional marketing products, including CDs, stickers and magnets. Joe Carter, a broadcast engineer in UTA’s department of communications, believes the promotion is beneficial for everyone in the campus community.

“It’s giving students a break, a pause from their busy classes to enjoy some live music. It’s a good way to provide free entertainment and promote the bands as well as the station. It gets us visibility,” Carter said.

Rocktober shows that promotional giveaways are beneficial for organizations regardless of their industry. The advertisements help entities connect with consumers and generate interest in new initiatives. Few marketing tools are as effective for achieving these objectives as sponsored gifts.

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