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Celebrate IT gurus on National Techie Day

Celebrate IT gurus on National Techie Day

As technology continues to spur on the development of business, it’s important to remember those who are responsible for making sure systems, infrastructure and devices are functioning properly. October 3rd is National Techie Day. The holiday was launched in 1999, right at the end of the first major tech boom, by and co-founded by CNET Networks. The day recognizes those who work hard to keep technology that’s so essential to everyday life. In addition, the creators of the holiday wished to address the U.S.’s continuous need for qualified technology workers and encourage students to make a career in this field.

Make an impression and show appreciation to those professionals who keep business on track by developing, creating, monitoring and repairing various technologies. Consider using these unique promotional products to express appreciation:

1) Stylus Pen for Smart Phone
Techies are known for spending countless hours engrossed in the facts, figures and formulas running across some screen. Let the IT professional in a company reduce the number of tools he or she carries around by combining a stylus and pen in one modern, sleek tool. Portable and ready to use with any device, this promotional product is a handy gift that lets a person press any number of keys without damaging a screen. In addition, the connector cap plugs into all headphone ports – allowing for easy integration.

2) Personalized Cross Body Tablet Bag
For those who have tablets or small transportable computers, sometimes it can be nerve wracking to place these items in an unprotective carrying case. The Personalized Cross Body Tablet Bag is the ideal answer. This stylish carrying case allows a techie to protect his or her tablet from the damage that can happen when traveling. The bag is made from polyester with a non-woven polypropylene lining. What would a techie be without his or her gadgets. Protect a tablet or travel-sized computer with this modern bag that is compatible with most tablets and laptops that are smaller than 8 inches. The bag can be personalized with a multi-color imprint and is available in royal blue, black, and aqua blue.

3) Savona Leather Smart Phone Holder
Protect a phone with a snazzy case that can be easily clipped onto a belt when necessary. The Vitoria Bonded Leather Smartphone Holster is ideal for techies who are on the go. The case protects expensive smart phones that may easily get damaged during travel, and yet allows someone to grab the phone and use it without struggling with a bulky protector. The sleek case is made from imported leather from Spain, which allows it to act as both protector and accessory in the business world. The interior is fully linked in soft suede, while the top has a fold-over strap to make sure the phone can’t bounce out.

Consider these and other promotional products to demonstrate appreciation of all tech professionals do each day.

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