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Promotional products can help raise funds for needy pups on National Dog Day

Promotional products can help raise funds for needy pups on National Dog Day

August 26 is a very special day for dog lovers in the United States. According to Holiday Insights, that day is National Dog Day, which is dedicated to recognizing everything that canines do for their humans. The pets love their families unconditionally and are often everyone’s best friend. Joseph Moreus, 61, of Westminster, Calif., told the Associated Press he understands why dogs are more beloved than cats.

“They have more personality. They are loyal. Cats are all about cats but dogs are interested in pleasing their owners. Cats don’t care if they please you or not,” Moreus said.

Unfortunately, some dogs don’t have loving homes. Holiday Insights explains that one of National Dog Day’s goals is to help 10,000 homeless and abused dogs get adopted. The Humane Society of the United States reports that there are over 2.7 million healthy dogs and cats in shelters that are ready to be brought home.

Of course, insufficient funding is a common problem for animal shelters, so these facilities can’t take care of every dog that hasn’t been adopted. Between licenses and overhead expenses, some organizations struggle to find capital to feed and provide medical services to every pooch.

As a result, shelters rely on fundraisers to stay open and help more dogs. One way animal groups can generate awareness and attract donors is by holding promotional giveaways in conjunction with other events.

Of course, giveaways require extensive planning. The following are some tips that will help shelters coordinate great fundraising events for needy pups.

The right items
The first decision that shelters have to make is what promotional marketing products to distribute during giveaways. Promotional wall calendars with pictures of adorable puppies might be the best option for National Dog Day. For instance, the 2014 Four Paws Promotional Wall Calendar features photos of cute dogs and some cats so donors can see a new animal every month.

Alternatively, t-shirts may be effective because people like to show their support for various causes. Shelters can emblazon their symbols on promotional shirts and require people to donate certain amounts in order to receive the gifts.

Consider a contest
Civic Projects recommends holding a contest during your giveaway and using entry fees as donations. Gifts should be functional and given to every participant so they’ll feel like they won something. Giving a present to every person ensures that they all have tangible reminders of the dogs, which can lead to contributions after National Dog Day passes. The source notes that promotional pens, tote bags and key chains would all make great prizes because they’re useful.

A contest helps a giveaway stand out by adding a competitive element. Even if a shelter only holds a raffle, the fact that people can win something will likely help increase donations for the puppies.

How promotional products help
Animal organizations should consider distributing promotional marketing products during their National Dog Day fundraisers because the advertisements offer longevity that others simply can’t match.

According to the 2012 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study, the average person keeps promotional items for 5.8 months. This means that donors will remember shelters for extended periods of time. The reminders may motivate consumers to increase the frequency of their donations to local animal shelters, which would help numerous dogs.

Additionally, some people share promotional products with their friends. For instance, an office worker may allow his or her colleague to borrow a logo-emblazoned pen. The person who uses the writing utensil might decide to donate to the organization to aid canines who are waiting for adoption.

National Dog Day is an important awareness day for animal shelters around the U.S. Holding giveaways on this day can help organizations raise necessary funds to take care of their pooches.

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