Top 5 for August: Take advantage of the last days of summer!

August has arrived, and that means that the summer has entered its dying days. In a matter of weeks, schools will open their doors and welcome children back for another academic year. Shortly after that, the seasons will officially change with autumn’s arrival bringing cool weather and colorful leaves.

But all of that is in the future. The summer is still here and should be enjoyed by all. Small business owners can ensure that their customers enjoy the last days of summer by distributing great promotional items. Below is a look at the top five promotional items for August.

1. Fold-N-Go Wave Handle Tote Bag
One drawback of summer is that people have to carry a great deal of items, but don’t have any storage space. Without a coat to store key necessities, many consumers choose to leave the essentials behind, which is a problematic strategy in most cases. For instance, if someone doesn’t bring sunblock to the beach, he or she will likely end up with a sun burn.

To combat this problem, small business owners should distribute the Fold-N-Go Wave Handle Tote Bag. The gift ensures that customers can carry all their belongings throughout the summer. Additionally, the bag comes in a variety of colors so entrepreneurs can find one that’s as fashionable as it is functional.

2. Water-resistant Solar Flashlight
The sun stays out well into the evening during the summer so consumers can enjoy plenty of time outside. In August, darkness usually doesn’t set in until about 8:30 P.M. so people spend a great deal of time outdoors and exploring the world.

The extended sunlight is also perfect for charging solar gadgets like the Water-resistant Solar Flashlight. The flashlight converts light into energy and offers eight hours of battery life from a single charge so customers can brighten up those hot summer nights.

3. Talking Stress Toy
The summer is supposed to be an enjoyable time, but some people struggle to find happiness. Many employees are stressed in August because they want to go outside, but first they have to meet all of their deadlines to ensure that their bosses and clients are happy.

A Talking Stress Toy is the perfect cure to summertime stress. This toy looks like a happy little person with a wild hairstyle. The item excitedly exclaims, “Woo-hoo! Do I feel great. It’s going to be a stress free day today,” when users squeeze it, so it’ll put a smile on everyone’s face.

4. Golf Sports Bottle and Pouch
For many athletes and entrepreneurs, August’s arrival means that golf season is hurtling toward its inevitable conclusion. In a matter of weeks, many courses and clubs will close for the autumn and winter, forcing players to find indoor options.

A Golf Sports Bottle and Pouch may be the perfect promotional item to help people enjoy what remains of golf season. The pouch can hold five tees in addition to the insulated water bottle. The bottle can also store three golf balls so athletes are always ready to tee off and start new rounds.

5. Bubble Promotional Umbrella
Is there anything worse than rain during the summer? Not only does the wet weather ruin outdoor plans, but the temperature also makes it too hot to wear a jacket, leaving many people soaked as they try to find shelter during storms.

The only way to combat rain in August is to use a Bubble Promotional Umbrella. The functional product is ideal for keeping customers high and dry during summer’s last month so they can enjoy themselves regardless of the weather. Clients will appreciate such a thoughtful gift every time a storm starts brewing.

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