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August is National Golf Month

August is National Golf Month

Though August is summer’s final month, there’s still plenty of time for consumers to celebrate and small business owners to market their companies. The month features plenty of themes and holidays that entrepreneurs can use for exciting promotional giveaways that customers will love.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of August is that it’s National Golf Month, according to Fitness Magazine. Indeed, August may be the best time to hit the links. June is usually full of graduations and July has its Independence Day celebrations, leaving precious few moments to play a round. August, however, is usually devoid of any major scheduling conflicts so players can go out, tee up and enjoy themselves at their favorite courses.

What’s more, golf is one of the few sports that can be fun for players of all skill levels. Whether a novice is lining up his or her first or a former pro is preparing to putt, golf is a good time for everyone who picks up a set of clubs.

National Golf Month isn’t just the perfect time to celebrate an enjoyable sport, it’s also a perfect opportunity for small business owners, especially those in the business-to-business sphere, to advertise their companies with promotional marketing products. Many entrepreneurs participate in the sport so they’d love to receive logo-emblazoned gifts that will help them on the course. Read on for a look at some golf items that’d be great giveaways in August.

5-in-1 Divot Repair Golf Tool
Even the best golfers hit the grass sometimes and cause massive divots. The marks are unsightly and it’s considered good sportsmanship for players to fix the damage they’ve caused.

Small business can ensure that clients can handle this situation by distributing the 5-in-1 Divot Repair Golf Tool in August. The multifunctional item includes a repair tool, a knife, a ball marker, nail file and screwdriver head.

Golf Tee and Ball Marker Carrying Pouch
There are a few essentials that every golfer needs before hitting the links. While clubs are the first items to come to mind, small business owners can’t afford to give new drivers and irons to all of their clients. However, entrepreneurs can provide other necessities.

The Golf Tee and Ball Marker Carrying Pouch is a great promotional item because it includes tees and markers. The pouch and the golf equipment it contains all include logos so clients will develop brand recognition while they’re on the course.

Slazenger 24 oz Golf Bottle and Pouch
One drawback of golfing in August is the weather. The heat and humidity can be unbearable so staying outside for 18 holes can be a tough proposition for even the fittest athletes. What’s more, the temperatures can pose certain dangers like heat stroke and dehydration.

Entrepreneurs can help customers enjoy their golf outings and combat these health conditions by distributing the Slazenger 24 oz Golf Bottle and Pouch. The aluminum water bottle’s cap can hold three golf balls and the pouch can store five golf tees so clients can stay hydrated while they carry their equipment from one hole to the next.

Promotional Pedometer
Many people play golf to stay in shape. While the sport may not seem rigorous, it actually requires a fair amount of stamina when players walk all over the course. However, there’s no way for golfers to know how far they’ve walked over the course of a single round.

Fortunately, a Promotional Pedometer can count the number of steps that clients take during their outings. Customers will appreciate small business owners giving them tools to monitor their health while they’re enjoying some golf.

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