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School bans plastic water bottles

School bans plastic water bottles

With increasing frequency, organizations are trying to fight pollution by banning the sale of single-use water bottles. Because the containers have such a significant impact on the environment, it’s crucial for consumers to find alternative means to carry around their beverages.

A university recently joined the fight against plastic bottles. The Western Front reports that Western Washington University will ban the sale of water bottles in campus stores and vending machines. The new policy will go into effect at the start of the 2013 fall semester. Carolyn Bowie, co-president of Students for Sustainable Water, claimed that the move came down to simple economics.

“Because bottled water is literally a thousand times more expensive than tap water, it just makes sense to purchase a reusable water bottle,” Bowie said.

The university currently has three refilling stations around the campus so students, employees and faculty members can fill reusable containers. The ban should encourage everyone who visits the campus to go green.

Small business owners can follow WWU’s example by distributing logo-emblazoned water bottles as promotional products. The refillable containers will ensure that consumers can develop brand recognition while protecting the environment and staying cool.

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