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3 August holidays for promotional giveaways

3 August holidays for promotional giveaways

Time seems to fly by in the summer. One minute it seems like the season is just beginning as the school year comes to a close and then autumn arrives in the blink of an eye. July is currently accelerating to its conclusion, leaving August as summer’s last remaining month.

Fortunately, small business owners have plenty of marketing opportunities during the final 31 days of the season. While August is completely devoid of major celebrations, there are still some fun holidays on which entrepreneurs should hold promotional giveaways. Below is a look at the three best days for an advertising event.

International Left-Handers Day
The first great holiday is on August 13. Time Magazine explains that the date is International Left-Handers Day, on which lefties everywhere can celebrate. This is a wonderful occasion as it notes how wonderful it is to not use your right hand every day. What’s more, it is a happy celebration, which lefties deserve given the negative connotations surrounding their statuses. It seems that the whole world is designed exclusively for righties, leaving everyone else to struggle. Even language conspires against lefties – “sinister” is derived from the Latin root “sinistra,” which meant “left-handed.”

Small business owners can celebrate International Left-Handers Day by helping their sinistra customers. Specifically, many lefties struggle to write with pencils because the graphite smudges on their hands. To combat this problem, entrepreneurs can distribute promotional pens with fast-drying ink to ensure that clients aren’t left with dirty hands every time they jot down a quick note. Professionals can take an additional step by giving away promotional notepads. Left-handed patrons will appreciate the sponsored gifts whenever they need to write something down.

Relaxation Day
Amid all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be hard for many people to find a moment to relax. Between work projects and social commitments, there’s rarely a spare moment during the day in which consumers can simply sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy some silence.

Fortunately, August features an entire day dedicated to making sure everyone has some time to themselves. According to Days of the Year, August 15 is Relaxation Day. The whole goal of the holiday is for people enjoy themselves and partake in an enjoyable activity.

During the summer, there’s no better way to relax than heading to the beach. Small business owners should give away promotional marketing products that help their customers have some quiet time on the shore. For instance, the a logo-emblazoned beach mat is perfect for laying down and catching some rays while developing brand recognition.

National Aviation Day
August’s last great holiday is in recognition of an innovation that brought everyone around the world closer together. The National Park Service notes that August 19 is National Aviation Day – a celebration of flight. The date was chosen because also Orville Wright was born on this day in 1871. Along with his brother Wilbur, Orville proved that humans could build machines capable of flying. On December 17, 1903 in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, the Wright brothers became the first people to take flight.

This occasion is certainly worthy of celebration. On August 19, small business owners should give customers promotional items that have images like planes in mid-flight. Raising awareness for National Aviation Day and showing how far aviation has come over the years is a great way to generate interest in a company and attract customers to an establishment.

These three marketing opportunities show that small business owners can help their enterprises thrive in August, even as the summer inches closer toward its inevitable end.

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