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Top 5 for July: Hot promotional items for fun in the sun

Top 5 for July: Hot promotional items for fun in the sun

Every month small business owners have to find the ideal promotional marketing products to further their advertising efforts. As the year wears on and consumers’ tastes change, entrepreneurs must be ready to adapt their marketing strategies accordingly.

This is especially true in July as many customers want to enjoy the summer weather by heading to the beach and having some fun in the sun. Small business owners can endear themselves to patrons by distributing unique promotional products that are beneficial for beach trips. To that end, here are Myron’s top five promotional items for July.

1. Custom Beach Mat
July is beach season, and consumers want to ensure that their trips are always fun. However, it can be difficult to enjoy time on the shore without having a place to relax and catch some rays while listening to the waves crash. Beach chairs are bulky and inconvenient to carry around, and towels aren’t comfortable for beachgoers who want to nap in the sand.

The Custom Beach Mat is a great promotional gift in July because it will help consumers relax while they’re soaking up some sun. The beach-themed product collapses into a tote bag, making it easy to carry and has a company logo emblazoned on the outside.

2. Promotional Beach Ball in a Bottle
Of course, part of the appeal of going to the beach is having fun and engaging in activities that you can’t elsewhere. Everyone wants to have a blast while they’re at their favorite summertime spot, but that can be difficult without the right equipment.

Small business owners can ensure that there customers can have fun at the beach by distributing the Promotional Beach Ball in a Bottle. The great gift includes a multi-colored ball that consumers can play with and a refillable bottle that can be used for any type of beverage.

3. Custom Hand Sanitizer
The beach isn’t any fun for travelers who are sick. It can be heartbreaking to plan a trip only to fall ill and have to combat a cough or stuffy nose for the duration. Even during the summer it can be difficult to avoid the common cold so customers should took every possible precaution.

A Custom Hand Sanitizer will help keep clients healthy so they can enjoy their time at the beach. The functional presents show customers that small business owners want everyone to stay healthy all summer long.

4. Premium Insulated Cooler
Even with a sea breeze blowing in and the ability to take a quick dip in the ocean, some consumers struggle to stay cool at the beach. With the sun beating down and the temperature increasing, it can be quite difficult to beat the heat.

The best way customers can combat high temperatures is by drinking nice cool beverages from a Premium Insulated Cooler. Unlike many models, this promotional item is lightweight and includes a strap so it can be carried easily. This great gift will help clients keep their beverages cold so that the weather doesn’t ruin their beach trips.

5. Pocket Can Cooler
One annoying beach feature is the sand. With even the slightest movement, particles stick to customers, and the problem is only exacerbated when they’re wet. This can be a huge inconvenience for people who brought beverages to the beach because sand will likely stick to bottles.

To combat this problem, small business owners can distribute Pocket Can Coolers. The holder will prevent sand from ever touching a beverage container and also keeps drinks cool despite the high temperatures, making them great gifts for beach season.

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