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Promotional items sales are trending upward

Promotional items sales are trending upward

According to recent statistics, sales figures for promotional items have increased during the first quarter of 2013. The Advertising Specialty Institute reports that suppliers who are part of the organization have seen sales spikes 4.5 percent over the returns from 2012’s opening quarter. This is the thirteenth consecutive quarter in which sales were exceeded those from the corresponding time period in the previous year. What’s more, distributor sales went up 5.7 percent on year-over-year basis.

Ultimately, the figures show that promotional marketing products are gaining popularity among business operators. Distributing sponsored gifts is a great way to initiate sales conversations and foster loyalty among customers.

Moreover, promotional items are also extremely effective for bolstering brand recognition. When consumers use their logo-emblazoned products in public, they’re essentially advertising for a company. This means potential clients will be exposed to marketing materials and gradually learn to recognize a business. Some people may actually visit an establishment to receive gifts of their own.

Promotional products are great tools for bolstering a marketing campaign. The small gifts support other advertisements and ensure that consumers learn to recognize a business’ brand, which can lead to increased revenue down the road.

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