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It's Small Business Week

It’s Small Business Week

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. Without independent companies many job seekers wouldn’t be able to find gainful employment. What’s more, small businesses are fixtures in many communities and often develop loyal followings comprised of local consumers.

In some cases, it’s easy for these enterprises to remain underappreciated and ignored by the public at large. After all, large corporations have longer reaches and bigger marketing budgets than their small counterparts. As a result, it’s difficult for independent organizations to find the recognition that they so richly deserve.

Fortunately, the federal government has sought to rectify this situation. Recently, President Barack Obama declared that June 16 to June 22 will be known as Small Business Week. In a statement, the president urged all Americans to go out and recognize small businesses.

This is part of a growing trend that has seen independent organizations receive enhanced recognition. The growing awareness arguably started in 2010 when American Express first began sponsoring Small Business Saturday, which NY1 explains is a shopping holiday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The celebration’s popularity has grown in recent years as an increasing number of small businesses have started participating. As a result, consumers have begun turning to local companies at the start of the busy holiday shopping season.

Small Business Week is a great opportunity for owners to boost brand recognition and increase sales. One way to achieve these objectives is by distributing unique promotional products throughout the week to attract customers and convince them to buy new merchandise. Consumers will love participating in giveaways and receiving small gifts for visiting various establishments. Every type of business can capitalize on Small Business Week by handing out great promotional items throughout the week. Moreover, the presents will help companies increased brand exposure for extended periods of time.

Below is a look at items that different businesses can give away.

For restaurants
Restaurants are some of the most popular small businesses. From bars and pizza places to food trucks and high-end eateries, many customers love going to local establishments instead of chains that usually don’t have the best food. Consumers prefer a personal touch which can only truly be delivered by independent restaurants.

For Small Business Week, restaurateurs can distribute promotional pens to every customer. The writing utensils should be given to servers who can then give the items away when diners are ready to pay their bills. Recipients will think of the eateries every time they write down notes with the great gifts.

Alternatively, restaurants can hold special contests and give out personalized business gifts as the grand prizes. For instance, a logo-emblazoned glass can be the reward for a different winner every night. Restaurateurs should require participants to be in the establishment in order to win. While customers wait to see if they won, they’ll likely buy food and drinks to pass the time, which will increase revenue for the establishment.

For retailers
Retail outlets have many different options when it comes to their promotional marketing products for Small Business Week. The most pragmatic gifts that merchants can distribute are promotional notepads and pens so that customers can write their shopping lists before heading out every day. Every time a recipient scribbles down an item, he or she will develop brand recognition and may visit the store that gave the gifts away.

Stores can also take a different route by distributing other functional items like promotional umbrellas, key chains and travel mugs. Consumers would appreciate one or all of these items and cherish them for extended periods of time.

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