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Help consumers stay cool and awake

Help consumers stay cool and awake

When the temperature starts to increase, many consumers eschew warm java for iced coffee. People would rather have a nice cold beverage in the morning than hot drinks when the thermometer says that it’s 90 degrees outside and the forecast states that there’s no relief in sight.

In some cities, iced coffee has become increasingly popular over the last few years. For instance, the New York Post recently reported that sales of the beverage increased 17 percent between 2010 and 2011 in New York City. In summer 2011, consumers spent approximately $31 million on iced coffee and related drinks.

Small business owners can help customers enjoy their cool drinks and save money by distributing sponsored travel mugs as promotional marketing products. Patrons will love to have special containers that can be fill with iced coffee every morning for the commute to work. The gifts also allow customers to skip their daily stops at local cafes for their first cups.

The promotional items have everyday functionality that consumers will enjoy. A cold beverage is important during the spring and summer months, and small business owners can endear themselves to customers by distributing special containers. The presents may help create lasting relationships by fostering loyalty among clients.

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