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Schedule promotional giveaways on these June holidays

Schedule promotional giveaways on these June holidays

Small business owners must always look ahead for great opportunities to schedule their next promotional giveaways, and June is chock full of minor holidays that are perfect for marketing events. The sixth month of the year is devoid of major celebrations, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t fun days that entrepreneurs can use to promote their brands and generate excitement for their companies. In fact, with its unique blend of interesting observances and annual occurrences, June may actually be the best promotional month of the entire year.

In particular, three days stand out from all the rest. The anniversary of the first American spacewalk, World Environment Day and the summer solstice are great opportunities that small business owners can use to bolster their brands and celebrate with customers. Entrepreneurs can design unique promotional products and hold great marketing events for each of these days.

The American spacewalk
According to NASA, the first American walked in space on June 3, 1965. Ed White exited his shuttle while it was in orbit and floated in space for 23 minutes. He was tethered to the spacecraft for the entire duration and had a propulsion system so he could move around. The mission was dangerous, but showed that astronauts could successfully move around in space without staying in their shuttles. Ultimately, White was the first American to truly explore the final frontier.

Small business owners can celebrate the anniversary by including intergalactic imagery on their promotional marketing products. Instead of standard logos, entrepreneurs can use comets, planets, aliens and asteroids to decorate their branded items. For instance, a UFO can be emblazoned on a promotional key chain while pens can feature shooting stars. The unique graphics will help promotional items stand out so consumers will develop brand recognition.

Additionally, the sponsored gifts will help raise awareness for the significance of June 3. Consumers might not know that an American first ventured into space on that date, but the occasion should be remembered because it was such a crucial moment in history.

World Environment Day
The United Nations Environment Programme notes that World Environment Day is June 5. The purpose of the holiday is to raise awareness for environmental issues and encourage consumers to adopt eco-friendly practices. Protecting the environment is extremely important because pollution continues to damage many eco-systems and threaten the planet’s overall health and sustainability.

Small business owners should encourage customers to go green by distributing eco-friendly promotional gifts on June 5. Bags made out of recycled materials and reusable bottles are great presents that can help protect the environment because they’ll prevent consumers from using disposable alternatives.

Summer solstice
According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, summer 2013 official starts on June 21. The summer solstice is a popular event and is a great opportunity for small businesses to hold unique celebrations in their establishments. Customers will love participating in events that recognize the start of summer because the season is usually fun and features great weather.

Entrepreneurs should distribute promotional products that consumers can use all summer long. Similar to World Environment Day, reusable water bottles are great. The branded items will help recipients stay cool and beat the heat as the temperature continues to climb through June, July and August. Alternatively, promotional beach balls can be given away so customers can play volleyball when they go on vacation and want to spend time on the beach.

These three days are great opportunities for marketing a small business. Owners should celebrate all of these occasions to improve brand exposure.

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