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Reusable totes are quality alternatives to plastic bags

Reusable totes are quality alternatives to plastic bags

Many cities and towns are banning plastic bags, and business leaders can embrace eco-friendly marketing opportunities by relying on promotional products. By offering reusable bags and totes to clients, company administrators can highlight their brands’ environmentally friendly approaches through dependable promotional items.

With first-rate promotional bags, patrons can take myriad items with them at all times. Reliable totes are must-have items for clients because the promotional products are made from top-notch materials and designed to last for years.

Additionally, there are many types of bags available to business officials, which gives them plenty of opportunities to showcase their brands to clients. Lunch bags, shopping bags and drawstring backpacks are just a few of the options for company leaders, and these items can have far-reaching effects on business administrators and their patrons.

For example, several municipalities are exploring the benefits of banning plastic bags. The Contra Costa Times reports that legislators in Walnut Creek, California, recently accepted a proposal to ban plastic bags to help reduce waste in local bodies of water. With this ban, Walnut Creek lawmakers said that they hope to cut down on litter that negatively affects the environment.

In Texas, several residents recently signed a petition that could significantly impact the state for years. According to NBC DFW, Tim Mahoney, a petition signer, stated that he feels that city and town leaders need to do more to protect the environment, and banning plastic bags could make a major difference in the near future.

Other supporters have developed organizations to share their messages with lawmakers and citizens in municipalities nationwide. Barbara Macleod, the founder of a group that supports banning plastic bags, said that litter is causing serious problems in cities and towns, and eliminating plastic bags could have immediate effects on many Americans and the environment.

“We want to encourage people to bring reusable bags instead of relying on plastic bags that have a shelf life of 30 minutes – that end up in a tree or in a landfill,” Macleod told the news source. “[Plastic bags] disintegrate, so instead of one bag they become 18 pieces of trash.”

Offering world-class promotional totes to clients can help business administrators make long-lasting impressions on customers. By offering top-of-the-line promotional items to customers, company officials can share eco-friendly messages with large groups of people without delay.

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