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Run a successful contest for your business

Run a successful contest for your business

Customers enjoy promotional giveaways, and contests provide unique opportunities to connect with your firm’s clientele. Promotional products such as leather briefcases, custom flash drives and drinkware are quality items that can help your company’s brand stand out.

Contests enable your firm to provide a wide range of products to customers, and finding the right items to satisfy patrons’ needs is vital for your firm. Check out the following tips you can use to run a successful contest for your business.

1. Select a contest that highlights your brand
Consider your firm’s mission and values to create a contest that helps build brand awareness.

There are numerous opportunities for ambitious business operators. Contests can be held to commemorate holidays throughout the year or simply to allow company leaders to show their appreciation to specific groups of people.

Regardless of a contest’s purpose, your company should understand who it wants to reach with the campaign. Direct messages about the giveaway can be delivered to your target audience through email, social networks and various free online resources. Additionally, company officials can use polls and surveys to collect feedback from clients, which can help these administrators determine which promotional items to offer in future events.

2. Use a simple idea
Customers could become confused or frustrated if you require multiple steps to participate in a contest. Instead, clients should be able to provide their contact information and other minor details to enter.

Katelyn Smith, junior account executive at Withe Media, told the National Federation of Independent Business that running contests through Facebook has helped her firm promote its brand.

“We have fun giveaways that ask users to compete to make the funniest comment on a photo chosen by us, send in a photo, answer a question, or simply just comment on a status to win,” Smith told the news source.

A simple giveaway that enables online visitors to post comments, photos or videos on a business’ blog or website could deliver major benefits to clients and companies around the world.

Brainstorming contest ideas with staff members from multiple departments can help your business develop creative giveaways. Feedback from a variety of sources is often valuable for business leaders, and companies that fully understand the benefits of providing quality promotional products to consumers can reap long-term rewards.

3. Recognize your target audience
While promotional items like cashmere gloves or laptop bags will support specific groups of people, your firm should use contests that reward clients with items that satisfy their everyday needs.

Studying your clientele in advance is essential. Contest participants will appreciate custom products that feature your firm’s logo and other information, but these people will only become involved in a giveaway if they truly want the reward.

Tina McCormack Beaty, senior director of C. Fox Communications, said that contests help companies narrow their focus. By evaluating how clients will respond to specific items, businesses can effectively reach the right people through innovative giveaways.

4. Provide clear, easy-to-understand rules
Businesses should leave no room for misinterpretations with contests.

Offering clear, concise instructions can help business leaders avoid problems down the line. Allow customers to review the rules at any time and provide information about deadlines.

5. Set your firm apart from the competition
Customers who review contest details could learn about your company, its products and its services. Your business could use contests to its advantage, as giveaways provide firms with several opportunities to separate themselves from rivals.

Sharing information with patrons delivers crucial support to firms and can help businesses bolster their outreach efforts. Distinguish your company in a competitive marketplace by offering first-rate promotional items to clients through contests.

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