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What promotional products are popular with consumers?

What promotional products are popular with consumers?

Your company may offer first-rate products and services to clients, but introducing innovative promotional items could help it extend its reach further. The use of quality magnets, mugs, pens and other products delivers instant and long-term advantages to help your firm build its brand over extended periods of time.

Give your business’ marketing campaigns a boost by investing in promotional products that deliver long-term value. In a recent survey, the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) found that specific promotional products stand out in customers’ eyes, such as:

1. Writing instruments
Highlighters, pencils and pens are just a few of the items that patrons appreciate. The study showed that 50 percent of all American respondents named writing instruments the top promotional items they receive from advertisers.

Custom pens are valuable choices for companies because these firms can use the items to share important information with consumers. They are customizable and stylish and allow business leaders to stretch their advertising budgets. Give consumers world-class writing instruments they can use in the office or at home and help these customers remember your firm.

2. Desk and office accessories
Personal accessories enable business executives to appreciate your firm’s products every day. A vast array of desk and office items are available to help companies market themselves to consumers around the globe.

The ASI study revealed that 17 percent of American consumers enjoyed the benefits provided by desk and office products. These items are worthwhile for companies of all sizes that want to share their logos, contact information and other details with business professionals worldwide.

3. Flash drives
The business world moves fast, and company leaders who can carry custom flash drives that hold important data sets can share files with team members without delays.

In the ASI study, 9 percent of American respondents said that they appreciated flash drives offered by advertisers. The items are ideal for tech-savvy business leaders and others who simply want to store documents, photos, videos and other files they can take anywhere.

USB drives can help your firm establish itself as a technological innovator. Flash drives are lightweight and can feature elegant designs that will make your company shine in consumers’ eyes.

Additionally, flash drives can even be worn to make unique fashion statements. The products can be clipped onto a keychain or feature chain necklaces so consumers will never lose them.

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