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Tips for using promotional products during trade shows

Trade shows enable companies to display their brands to potential clients, and businesses that use promotional products can significantly bolster their reputations quickly.

Promotional products can immediately affect a business. In fact, a recent Promotional Products Association International study showed that 52 percent of trade show attendees who received complimentary items reached out to the advertiser that provided the merchandise after the event.

Reap the rewards of an effective marketing campaign by offering promotional items to trade show visitors. The following tips can help businesses find the right products to use during events.

1. Promote giveaways
With giveaways, businesses can use fun, exciting promotions to learn about trade show attendees.

Promotional giveaways allow companies to supply large groups of people with custom flash drives, tote bags and other quality items. Friendly, engaging company leaders can speak with event visitors about their firms and offer unique promotional products that people can enjoy for years.

Use giveaways to help a company distinguish itself at a trade show. While some firms will simply offer clients information about their businesses, innovative companies can showcase their goals and values through promotional giveaways.

2. Use bright, colorful displays
A trade show could feature hundreds of companies competing for visitors’ attention. Using bright, colorful displays will draw attendees to a firm’s booth so company leaders can share details about their businesses and promotional products with these people.

Displays can feature a company’s logo, mission statement and other pertinent information that will get consumers interested in a firm’s products and services. Additionally, companies can brainstorm marketing strategies in advance to consider how they will set up their displays to maximize their visibility at trade shows.

Providing promotional products at trade show booths will keep visitors interested in a company for extended periods of time. Businesses also can gain a competitive edge on rivals by sharing information about their firms to members of their target audiences.

3. Connect with potential clients and various business professionals
Ambitious companies will encourage trade show visitors to use their products and services, but these firms could miss out on business opportunities if they avoid networking with other professionals.

Getting the word out about a company helps a firm in numerous ways. Company administrators could form long-term partnerships with other business officials they meet at trade shows, and promotional products could serve as instant icebreakers. World-class items like drinkware and pens featuring a company’s contact information will help people remember a firm’s appearance at the event for years.

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