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Thank administrative professionals with personalized business gifts

Administrative Professionals Week comes only once a year, but the national holiday provides a perfect opportunity for your business to show its appreciation to skilled team members. In fact, many companies will use the week of April 21, 2013, to host Administrative Professionals Week – a five-day celebration that highlights the value these workers deliver to their organizations every day.

Business executives face many challenges, but their firms cannot survive without support from dependable administrative professionals. These workers are the lifeblood of your firm’s operations, and your company would do well to show its support for these talented employees.

Thankfully, Administrative Professionals Week serves business officials’ needs. Company leaders can separate their firms from rivals – and might even make administrative professionals at competitors’ offices envious – by offering personalized business gifts to valuable employees.

Using a vast array of promotional products allows your firm to stand out to assistants who ensure that company leaders remain productive. Check out the following items that can be provided to administrative professionals during this week-long event.

1. Key rings
Kick off Administrative Professionals Week with simple, unique business gifts – key rings. These products can feature your firm’s logo and a short message that shows your firm appreciates these specialists’ efforts.

Key rings might seem small, but the items can make a big difference for employees. Company leaders who offer custom, stylish key rings will keep their workers happy with useful items they can enjoy for years.

2. Pens
Personalized pens enable your firm to distinguish itself in employees’ eyes. The writing instruments allow company leaders to deliver a lasting impression, as administrative professionals will be reminded of your firm’s commitment to excellence every time they use the pens.

Numerous pens are available to companies, which further enhances these business gifts’ value to company leaders. While administrative specialists reap the rewards of quality writing instruments, your firm can enjoy dependable assistance from satisfied employees who recognize that they are valuable contributors to your team.

3. Flash drives
Put the “flash” in custom flash drives by offering bedazzled devices to administrative professionals. These specialists will appreciate gadgets that allow them to store documents, pictures and other files and take them anywhere.

Bedazzled flash drives blend fashion and functionality. The items sparkle, feature plenty of storage space and are easy to use. Company officials will smile when administrative professionals open the luxury gift boxes that hold these devices, and employees are sure to use the devices regularly.

4. Mugs
Mugs are useful items that administrative professionals can keep at their desks or bring home. The cups also can be colorful, attention-grabbing promotional items that can be customized to satisfy company leaders’ requests.

By offering promotional mugs to employees, business officials give workers valuable products they can use every morning. Company officials who want to go the extra mile can even supply administrative professionals with their favorite brands of coffee or tea with the mugs – the perfect gift to help these specialists jump-start their work shifts.

5. Tote bags
Help workers bring their items to and from the office by providing them with personalized tote bags. Traditional, reliable canvas tote bags serve administrative professionals before, during and after work. These bags are spacious and give people the ability to carry many items simultaneously.

Tote bags are quintessential items that business officials can use to assist administrative specialists. The items are rugged and durable, and company leaders can incorporate their firms’ logos onto the bags to remind employees about their enjoyable Administrative Professionals Week experiences.

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