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Drive your brand with promotional products during National Car Care Month

Drive your brand with promotional products during National Car Care Month

Put your firm’s marketing efforts into a higher gear by offering promotional products to clients during National Car Care Month. This April, your company can reap the rewards of quality promotional items that make your firm’s brand memorable to clients.

Consider the following items to support your National Car Care Month marketing campaign.

1. Magnets
Car and truck owners could use tips to help them begin cleaning out their vehicles. Thankfully, your firm can offer promotional magnets that highlight simple ways that your clients can make their automobiles sparkle.

Additionally, the magnets serve as frequent reminders of your business’ commitment to its clientele. The items can be placed on refrigerators and enable your firm’s customers to remember your business any time they want a beverage or snack.

A product like a dome magnet clip could work well for companies that want to bolster their marketing strategies during National Car Care Month. The clip enables your company’s customers to manage important automotive notes and papers and can feature a business’ logo and contact information.

2. Notepads
Scheduling an appointment to have a car detailed or jotting down information about local mechanics is essential during National Car Care Month. Customized notepads provide significant value to your business’ clients every day, because they enable people to write down important information at any time.

National Car Care Month notepads can feature unique designs that help your firm stand out to customers. Notepads in automobile, engine and tool shapes could provide the impetus for patrons to enhance their cars and trucks during the month-long celebration. Meanwhile, they also can include your company’s name and other information that clients can access quickly.

3. Bags
Logo tote bags allow your firm’s customers to carry cleaning supplies to and from their vehicles. Clients can set up days with their friends and family members in which these people clean out their vehicles together, and your business’ custom bags make it easier for automotive enthusiasts to improve their cars and trucks.

With logo tote bags, your company’s clients can enjoy world-class promotional items, including car cleaning supplies. Innovative business professionals could add microfiber plush towels, leather and vinyl cleaner and other top-notch products to the bags to help automobile owners. Company officials also can use promotional giveaways to provide logo tote bags and myriad custom items to clients during National Car Care Month.

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