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Use NASCAR season for advertising

The NASCAR season kicks off this weekend with the Daytona 500. The sport is one of the most popular competitions¬†in the United States, and its loyal following is only growing. According to USA Today, the broadcast ratings for the qualifying races at Daytona were up 11 percent over last year’s numbers.

Small business owners should capitalize on the popularity of NASCAR by holding promotional giveaways throughout the season. The races last until November, so there are plenty of opportunities for local entrepreneurs to hold special events.

The most important part of planning the giveaways will be finding unique promotional products that are bound to excite racing fans. Automotive gifts are the best branded items for generating interest during NASCAR season. For example, functional presents like tire gauges or emergency tools would be appreciated by customers who love their cars.

As with all sports-related marketing campaigns, small business owners must ensure that they are not running afoul of copyright laws. NASCAR owns the rights to all of its races and products, so local companies cannot use them for marketing purposes. Additionally, the league officials that supervise the sport go to great lengths to ensure that only official sponsors are using trademarked content in advertisements. Independent entrepreneurs can use generic imagery like cars and checkered flags to avoid any legal troubles.

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