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How to hold a successful grand opening

How to hold a successful grand opening

The success of a small business is not predicated on its first day, but every owner wants to start off on the right foot. A grand opening is the perfect way to attract consumers to a new establishment. A well-executed event can help a local startup develop a loyal customer base and enjoy long-term success. For instance, the Sun Sentinel recently reported that the Corner Bakery Cafe in Pembroke Pines, Florida, has had 15 to 20 diners come in every day since its grand opening.

Small business owners can ensure their events are as successful as the cafe’s by following the below tips.

Hold a limited giveaway
The Corner Bakery Cafe fostered loyalty among local customers by holding promotional giveaways during its grand opening. The news source writes that the establishment gave travel mugs to the first 100 patrons. The limited-time offer motivated consumers to visit the cafe as soon as possible so they could receive one of the gifts.

Small business owners can easily replicate the Corner Bakery Cafe’s success by holding a similar giveaway. Entrepreneurs should set a limit and only distribute special prizes to customers who come early. Additionally, the unique promotional products that are given away should be related to the business. Travel mugs made sense for the cafe, but different establishments can use other branded items to attract consumers. For instance, gyms can distribute promotional water bottles and hardware stores could hand out tape measures.

Alternatively, owners can give every new customer a small gift. Items like promotional pens, flash drives and magnets are always appreciated by consumers. Entrepreneurs should distribute functional prizes so that patrons develop brand recognition when they use the promotional products.

Advertise early and often
The Houston Chronicle writes that small business owners should use every marketing channel to draw interest from consumers. The news source recommends using press releases, print advertisements and online tools. Social media might be the most effective platform for targeting local customers. Sites like Facebook and Twitter help entrepreneurs reach out to consumers who live near the establishments. Pictures of the promotional marketing products can be uploaded to the profiles so customers know what prizes are available.

Local businesses can also catch the attention of passersby with fun decorations, according to the news source. Owners can adorn the exterior of their establishments with balloons, streamers and banners to announce their grand openings. Bright ornaments help companies stand out from the other businesses in the area that aren’t holding special events, as customers are more likely to visit establishments that look more fun than the competition.

Pick the right time
Timing is everything when it comes to holding a successful grand opening. Owners who fail to choose the most opportune moments will not attract many customers. The Yorkton Chamber of Commerce writes that the best times are between 10 AM and noon during the work week. The source states that events are more likely to attract consumers and attention from local media during those time slots. Owners should send invitations to news outlets in advance to increase the likelihood that a reporter will be in attendance. Businesses can also invite members of the local government who want to support small businesses.

Additionally, grand openings shouldn’t be held during busy seasons when it’ll be difficult to draw interest. The Houston Chronicle recommends staying away from holidays because consumers are focused on celebrations and don’t necessarily have the time to visit new establishments. Owners should schedule their events for traditionally quiet days so they do not have to compete with popular holidays for the attention of customers.

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