Staying hydrated combats colds and allergies

Many consumers battle the common cold during the winter. Sniffling, sneezing and coughing are regular symptoms that plague most people during the chilly months. One of the best ways to fight the illness is by staying hydrated. The American Lung Association recommends drinking eight glasses of water every day while sick.

Small business owners can help their customers return to full health by distributing branded water bottles during promotional giveaways. Consumers appreciate local establishments that worry about their patrons’ well-being and help battle the common cold. The refillable containers make it easy for people to stay hydrated throughout the day.

The unique promotional products will also be beneficial after theĀ cold seasonĀ ends. Allergies prevent most people from enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Similar to the common cold, hydration has proven effective for allergy relief. According to the Living Awareness Institute, water creates mucus that helps combat dryness in nasal passages.

Water bottles are the some of the best branded gifts small businesses can distribute. Customers will love having have a reusable bottle so their colds and allergies are not long-term hassles. Recipients will bring their bottles everywhere so they can always quench their thirsts.

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