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Attention all wedding planners: National Weddings Month is coming

Attention all wedding planners: National Weddings Month is coming

February is National Weddings Month because it’s the time when most happy couples are busy preparing for their summer ceremonies. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, June, August, July, May and September are the most popular months for marriages. The weather plays a huge part in summer’s popularity as the ideal wedding season, and grooms and brides have to start planning in February if they want their ceremony to be perfect.

Wedding planners must be prepared to capitalize on National Weddings Month. Marketing strategies like promotional items and social networking can help event coordinators reach the optimal number of happy couples. Additionally, brides and grooms can use unique promotional products to announce and celebrate their big day.

Finding new clients
Unlike many entrepreneurs, wedding planners can’t rely on recurring clients for long-term success because a wedding is a one-time event. As a result, event experts must find new customers every year. National Weddings Month is the prime time for coordinators to market their services.

Event coordinators can give prospective clients promotional pens and notepads while they discuss available services and terms. Additionally, wedding planners can give a few ideas for the ceremony to start a rapport with the bride and groom. Recipients will use their functional items while they are exposed to advertisements for the coordinator who distributed the gifts.

After happy couples make their decisions, wedding planners can distribute personalized calendars to help with the ceremony.. A wedding is a massive undertaking and requires extensive preparations. The small schedules ensure that brides and grooms are aware of important deadlines and responsibilities.

Announcing the big news
Loved ones always offer advice when it comes to picking the perfect date for a ceremony, but the bride and groom have the final say. Couples are finding creative ways to announce their weddings using digital outlets. The Wedding Channel recommends setting up a social media page for the event, but it can be difficult to spread the word and find followers.

Quick Response (QR) codes can be used to direct traffic to web sites with important information for the wedding. Brides and grooms can print the digital watermarks on promotional magnets and calendars. The unique strategy gives loved ones an online database for the ceremony so that they don’t miss a single update.

Alternatively, QR codes can lead loved ones to other important websites. For instance, couples can use the images to send family members to gift registries or hotel pages for overnight visitors. Future husbands and wives should consider QR codes to make planning their wedding mostly stress-free.

The perfect wedding favors
Guests always expect to receive small favors at weddings. Every couple should give their loved ones gifts to say thanks for all of their support. The presents don’t have to be lavish, but a token gesture is always appreciated.

Candy is one such popular wedding favor. A small tin of chocolates or jelly beans can be given to every guest with the words “thank you” embossed on the covers. Couples can also give away chocolate wrapped to resemble gold coins to continue the tokens of appreciation metaphor.

Other popular wedding favors include coffee mugs and pint glasses. The wedding date can be printed on the side so that guests always remember the joyous occasion.

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