Promotional products by industry: Health & Beauty

The beauty industry is one of the most competitive and lucrative markets in the United States. Clients are loyal to their favorite spas and salons, even when times are tough financially. According to the Professional Beauty Association (PBA), only 130 businesses in the sector closed in 2008 and 2009 – the height of the recession.

Spa and salon owners should show appreciation for their customers to retain business. Personalized business gifts and letters can help establishments thank clients for their continued patronage and reinforce their relationships. Smaller presents and unique promotional products could be the best tools for finding new business and expanding into new markets.

Do it yourself
Branded beauty kits can be excellent surprises for your customers around the holidays. Between family celebrations and work parties, clients must look their best this season. Consider distributing manicure and personal care sets to your loyal patrons so that they can look their best during every holiday outing.

After an appointment, show your clients how to use your promotional manicure kits to take care of their nails. Alternatively, you could give away packages with brushes so your customers can keep their hair as beautiful as it is when they leave your salon. Branded vanity mirrors might be the perfect promotional item because they can be conveniently carried anywhere.

You should also send greeting cards to each of your customers. You can include messages of gratitude with seasonal greetings so that recipients know you appreciate their business.

Mail personalized Christmas cards instead of postcards with generic messages and labels. If your clients usually work with the same employees, ask your staffers to fill out the cards. A small personal touch can go a long way toward establishing a solid relationship and improving customer retention.

Finding new clients
It can be difficult to expand a salon or spa, especially if your establishment primarily serves local clients. Mailing lists can be particularly valuable resources for finding potential clients and opening direct lines of communication. You can find addresses for leads who share similar traits to your current customers and send them advertisements.

Instead of traditional flyers, you can send promotional holiday cards to consumers during December. Recipients may be more likely to read your letter if it is printed on a card with seasonal imagery.

Gifts and special promotions can boost increase the effectiveness of your mailers. For instance, you can include a promotional magnet in the envelopes. Additionally, you can print QR codes on every card and offer discounts to new clients. Consumers may be hesitant to try a new salon or spa, but offering low prices for first appointments may entice your mailing list leads to visit your establishment.

When new customers come in, you can give away traditional promotional products to encourage repeat business. Develop unique strategies to encourage regular patronage. For instance, include coupons for different services on every page of your promotional wall calendars.

Smaller gifts like promotional pens can help you grow your marketing presence and find more leads. The Baltimore branch of the American Marketing Association (AMA) writes that items like pens are frequently shared, so giving the branded gifts to your new salon clients can lead to even more business down the road.

The beauty industry can be competitive, and implementing new marketing tactics can help establishment owners gain a marketing edge. Promotional gifts and postal advertisements can help raise the visibility of a salon or spa and motivate consumers to try a new business.

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