Celebrating Financial Wellness Month

As the economy struggles to reach a sustainable recovery, it’s important that consumers budget appropriately. In that spirit, January is Financial Wellness Month, and financial institutions can distribute unique promotional products to help their customers celebrate and fiscally prepare themselves for 2013.

According to LiveScience, getting out of debt is one of the most common new year’s resolutions. Businesses can assist customers by giving away branded tools that simplify financial planning.

Calculating every expense
Calculators are some of the best promotional marketing products that banks and financial consultants can distribute. Consumers can struggle while going over monthly expenses and tallying their numbers, and some of your customers may not be able to easily to track every penny by themselves. Clients can use branded calculators to track their expenditures and ensure that they aren’t exceeding their monthly budgets.

Calculators also reinforce your company’s visibility. Each time your customers use the electronic giveaways, they’ll be exposed to your logos and develop familiarity with your establishment, which can help you hold onto your clients.

Planning ahead
The most important part of every budget is knowing when money will be spent so funds can be allocated accordingly. Tracking regular spending can be difficult for some consumers, but financial services can distribute branded calendars to help customers schedule all of their recurring expenditures.

A pocket calendar may be the best giveaway for a business client. Small business owners must stay on top of their finances, and small schedules allow entrepreneurs to remember important deadlines and how much they’re paying every day. Promotional wall calendars are more suited for homeowners, as the items can be used as decorations.

Writing it all down
Some consumers turn to financial planners for all of their budgeting needs. Before offering advice, consultants can give their clients promotional pens and notepads to take notes on their discussions. Customers will use the giveaways to write down important information and refer back to it when they’re going over their expenses.

The giveaways have functionality beyond financial planning so your clients will hold onto the branded gifts. For instance, pens and paper can be used for shopping lists during the holidays, so your customers develop brand recognition even when they aren’t focusing on their budgets.

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