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Giving golf gifts

Giving golf gifts

It’s the season of giving and business-to-business (B2B) companies have to find the perfect gifts for their clients. While some may enjoy office items, other recipients want something that doesn’t remind them of work, but some owners may feel uneasy about giving personalized presents to customers.

Giving golf gifts may be a happy medium between items that are used in professional and recreational settings. As Bloomberg Businessweek points out, business can be conducted on the course and deals can be closed after 18 holes. Owners can give their clients anything from branded balls to divot-repair tools.

These promotional products show that you want to forge a strong relationship with your customers. You can include a card challenging recipients to a few rounds once the local courses open or invite them to the driving range for some friendly practice while you discuss potential deals.

If you have a loyal client, you can give personalized business gifts that can be used on the course. For example, you can send a water bottle with the customer’s name instead of your logo. These presents may be more appreciated because they show that you notice who has worked with your company for extended periods.

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