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Reminding returning students of your business

Reminding returning students of your business

For some college students, Thanksgiving is the first time they’ll visit home in nearly three months. While sons and daughters are glad to be reunited with their families, not all children spend their time in their houses. The Washington Post notes that degree-seekers are used to a certain amount of independence and want to visit their old haunts without restrictions.

Returning students, who will be home for longer periods of time in December and January, should be the targets of local businesses’ advertising campaigns during this time. Distributing promotional products can create a marketing presence for a company that wants to tap into a younger market.

There are some items that students regularly use that you can give away so your logos are regularly seen by consumers. Pens for taking notes and USB drives for saving digital files can create exposure for your business so college-aged customers will remember your establishment during winter break and potentially even summer vacation.

Students expect to be independent when they come home and small businesses can capitalize on that desire with promotional giveaways. The marketing tools can help companies find returning and new patrons who are home on break.

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