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Fountain pens remain popular in the digital age

Some people may assume that physically writing notes with pens and paper is being replaced by typing. Smartphones, tablets and laptops have made it easier to stay in touch, but recent reports indicate that handwriting is still popular, particularly with fountain pens.

In May, MSN reported that Amazon sold twice as many fountain pens in 2012 as it did during 2011. Unlike their ballpoint counterparts, the writing utensils are easy to write with as they don’t require as much pressure to work, which leads to less wrist strain.

Businesses can capitalize on this sudden rise in popularity with promotional pens. Companies can give fountain pens to clients who frequently fill out paperwork or prefer to handwriting to typing. The gifts can also be used as employee rewards, as every worker needs to write information down.

Advertising on pens raises brand visibility for a business. Whenever consumers jot down phone numbers or fills out forms, they’re exposed to logos and contact information. The American Marketing Association’s (AMA) Baltimore chapter notes that pens are frequently shared, so establishments are marketing themselves to more than individual customers with the giveaways.

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