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Promoting your business alongside college hoops

Promoting your business alongside college hoops

Though the professional season has been underway for about a month, some basketball fans have been waiting for November, as it brings the beginning of the college season. According to Sporting News, 347 schools will compete for the NCAA Division I title this year. Spectators from every region will cheer for their favorite teams until a champion is crowned in March.

Small businesses can capitalize on college hoops’ massive popularity by tying their promotional products to the sport. In college towns, advertisements that show support for local teams may be widely appreciated by customers who want to display their team spirit.

You can decorate your normal promotional products with school colors and symbols. Fans want their accessories to match their teams’ styles, so you should research what colors and graphics are used by nearby universities’ basketball programs.

As with all sports promotions, however, you have to show your support without infringing on any copyrights or trademarks. Mascots and school names are usually registered, so you may want to avoid using them on your advertisements. Using general labels and color schemes can tie your promotions to a team without violating any laws.

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