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Helping through stormy weather

Helping through stormy weather

Mother Nature decided that Hurricane Sandy wasn’t enough and gave the Northeast another storm featuring plenty of rain and sleet. States in this region aren’t the only ones to have been hit by increasing levels of precipitation, as much of the United States has seen stormier weather. The U.S. Drought Monitor recently reported that drought levels in many states have been reduced as a result of the weather.

While precipitation is good news for the environment, it’s not always welcome by people who prefer to stay high and dry. Small businesses can shield their customers from the rain, sleet and snow with branded umbrellas.

The best promotional marketing products are the ones that meet consumers’ needs and, right now, people want protection from rainy weather. Owners can give umbrellas to every customer that comes in during a stormy day or distribute the functional advertisements until supplies run dry.

One of the advantages of logo-bearing gifts is that the promotional items are seen by large consumer groups. When a customer opens the gift, a logo is displayed on the exterior for everyone to see. An owner who gives umbrellas away is increasing the marketing presence for his or her business.

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