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Making it difficult to lose keys

Making it difficult to lose keys

Everyone loses their keys from time to time. A recent study performed at the University of Toronto found that people forget everyday actions, like putting down their keys, because they aren’t stimulating.

“We’ve discovered that we see things that are emotionally arousing with greater clarity than those that are more mundane,” Rebecca Todd, the study’s lead researcher, told The Daily Telegraph. Small business owners can help their customers remember where their keys are by distributing unique promotional key rings.

It may be more difficult for someone to lose his or her keys if they’re attached to branded flashlights or brightly colored chains. Because these rings are different from standard decorations, they’re easier to remember and harder to lose.

These promotional items can be used multiple times per day, so businesses will be advertising regularly to customers. Every time clients reach for their keys they’ll be holding logo-emblazoned gifts. There aren’t many marketing materials that lead to a similar amount of brand exposure.

Businesses that give away key rings are creating lasting marketing campaigns. Consumers aren’t likely to dispose of the promotional items because the gifts are functional.

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